Friday, November 2, 2012

Getting Started... An Introduction

   Hi, everyone!

   Welcome to my good friends, slightly shamed family members, and enemies who are checking to see if I've gotten fat (NOT YET BITCHES!).

   This blog is going to be what I consider a "social experiment." I like saying "social experiment" because:

1) It makes me sound as if I am doing something intelligent and productive.
2) It makes me seem less desperate and/or slutty.
3)  It makes me feel less worried that all I'm really doing here is manipulating people into buying me food.

   Am I desperate and slutty? I guess I'll leave that to you to decide. But I do like it when people buy me food and I'm not afraid who knows it.

   So what is the deep purpose of this blog, this highly cerebral and not at all calculating "social experiment?"

   Hell if I know. But hopefully it will be entertaining to us both.

   Let's be honest--most of us single ladies in our mid-to-late (but insisting mid) twenties are funny. We have good personalities. We can carry on a conversation. Many of us are beautiful, pretty, cute, or moderately attractive in a certain lighting... or, at least, if not that lucky, we can cook.

   So why are we stuck with the cast-offs? Why are we settling, or changing ourselves, or just pretending we are happy?

  Obviously this is a generalization, but it's one pieced together from my own experiences as well as those of my lovely lady friends, co-workers, acquaintances, people I chat with on the bus... etc...

   So I'm going to go out there. I'm going to tread the waters and find out how many fish are actually worth catching and if there is a way to tell which ones will give you mercury poisoning. Most of all, I'm going to explore the world of dating, because, honestly, I suck at it.

 The hope remains I emerge from this endeavor more knowledgeable, confident, and open about the dating world. And if not? Well, I get a few free meals (or coffee, or drinks... hopefully drinks), maybe a few new experiences, a friend or two, and I get to share my stories with you guys.

I'm an attention whore, and this pleases me.

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  1. "Happily, I hate most of you now and have defriended you, so I can say whatever I want, dicks" - Love it