Saturday, March 23, 2013

Long story short

This will be a very short blog post, and so I shall make the font very large so you do not feel cheated. 

I went out with the Texter for a movie and drinks (Do NOT see "Admission," as a side note. Longest seven hours of my life), and you know what? It went well. I had a good time. 

He is, shockingly enough, just as cute as his pictures (super duper cute). 

He is funny in person, and less button-pushy (this is where facial expressions come in handy. When I make a face... stop that joke, quickly change subject). 

Any strangeness or awkwardness I think could easily be attributed to first date jitters, rather than a deep personality flaw. 

His compliments were really unique and said in a very genuine manner that I found refreshing. Also, I love compliments. Lay 'em on.

He was also terrified of "Ernest Scared Stupid." I don't want to use the term "soulmate," but... damn.

My mother called twice and texted twice, concerned because for once I had not rushed home after a date. We both admitted that neither one of us had actually expected to have a good time. What a pleasant surprise. 

I had a good enough time with him that we are planning to go out again soon. Like real planning, not where I say I had a good time and then just gradually start ignoring his texts until he takes the hint (which has NOT worked on HugsnKissez, who texted me out of the blue again today even after I apparently broke his heart).  

Therefore, no very detailed blog post, I'm afraid. Let's see if he makes it past date two (he'll be the groundbreaker!) first. 

I'm also very tired, because cute men suck the energy out of me like you wouldn't believe. I used up all my clever. It's hard work being charming and maintaining your most flattering angle for hours on end while your every shy-girl instinct is telling you to run away and put your hair back in a ponytail where it belongs.

G'night. <3

Well played. Let's see how you do on round two, Guy Who Texts Me A Lot...

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